2700 Cumberland St, Lebanon, PA

Ahead of the Curve:
Lesher Mack Raises the Bar for NGV Service Providers

Positioned at vital interstate crossings, Lesher Mack Sales & Service has its finger on the pulse of the transportation industry. For over 60 years, the company has expanded and adapted their truck sales, leasing and service offerings to meet the needs of southeastern Pennsylvania businesses as well as fleets passing through.

So when the buzz started about natural gas fuel conversion, Lesher Mack listened closely.

Creating the NGV Service Destination

Safety First

Safety is a top priority for NGV service. Not only do the technicians require specialized and ongoing training, but the facility must adhere to specific safety regulations. With manufacturer demands and legal requirements, gearing up to maintain natural gas vehicles can seem daunting.

Expert Partnership

The expertise and years of experience that Clean Energy brings to the partnership eased the stress significantly.

The NGV Easy Bay

Tod Dissinger, General Manager of Lesher Mack and his crew worked closely with Clean Energy’s Facilities Modification Services team. Together they customized a facility with a certified NGV Easy Bay system, complete with natural gas containment solutions to ensure code compliance, and the safety of the service technicians.

The beauty of the NGV Easy Bay system is that it’s scalable, retractable and easy to update as the needs of Lesher Mack and the industry change.

Installation spanned a mere 72 hours